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Community Doula and Lactation

Our Community Doula and Lactation program is a unique, community-based initiative focused on improving access to healthcare for pregnant people before, during, and after birth. The program respects different cultures, builds community strength, and provides educational services to families with children.  

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Community Doula Services

We match families looking for doula services with vetted providers that are part of MCC’s Doula Network. We offer free childbirth workshops to inform and empower birthing people and families.   

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Lactation Education and Support

We offer free monthly virtual lactation workshops and one-one-one lactation support (in-person and virtual) to assist pregnant people and new parents with breast/chestfeeding.

What is a Doula?

"Doula" is a Greek word meaning woman caregiver. A doula is a non-medical professional trained to provide emotional, informational, and physical support to parents before, during, and after labor and childbirth. Doulas do not make decisions for families, offer medical advice, impose judgement, or interfere with medical providers.

What does perinatal mean?

"Perinatal" refers to the period of time before, during, and after birth.

What does lactation mean?

Lactation is the process of producing and releasing milk from the mammary glands in your breasts. Lactation begins in pregnancy when hormonal changes signal the mammary glands to make milk in preparation for the birth of your baby. Definition by Cleveland Clinic.

“My doula told me it was all me, but I know that if she wasn’t there, I never would have been able to have a VBAC [vaginal birth after cesarean]. I am so proud of myself and forever grateful to my community doula.”

- Parent who received doula services  

Connect with us to match with a doula today!

We’re here for you. Our staff can help you find the doula, lactation consultant, and programs that will help you meet your goals. 

Other Initiatives at MCC

Maternity Care Coalition has several other initiatives related to our doula and lactation work. Read about them below. 

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Doula and Lactation Community Health Worker Training

Do you want to provide pregnancy and birth support in your community? Our comprehensive Doula and Lactation workforce development program concentrates on pregnancy, birth, lactation, and the postpartum period. A cornerstone of our program is our focus on how structural racism and institutional and interpersonal bias impact the health and economic outcomes for communities of color. 

Upon completion of the training, trainees join MCC’s Community Doula Network and are paid stipends to provide community doula services including prenatal, birth, and postpartum support. Trainees also become certified through the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Training and certification are offered at no cost to community members.  

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Montco Mamas

Montco Mamas, a groundbreaking initiative in Montgomery County, addresses the need for support throughout pregnancy, including prenatal visits, guidance for first-time parents, and postpartum care. Maternity Care Coalition is proud to lead this initiative, which aims to enhance the health and well-being of Montgomery County's Black and Brown pregnant women, infants, and families through data-driven community action plans.