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Support Parents, Families, and Communities

A new baby is a transformative experience for a family and parenting is an opportunity for growth. A parent is a child’s first and best advocate. We recognize that parents and their children encounter many inequitable systems which create challenges for our communities. We are here to support parents every step of the way while they navigate challenges and celebrate milestones from pregnancy through their child’s third birthday.  

Our Approach

At the core of our work, we believe in creating strong relationships and helping parents set goals for themselves to increase their confidence in making decisions about their pregnancy, birth experience, and their children's health and well-being.

Build Strong Relationships

We believe in creating meaningful connections. We do this by centering the needs of families and building a foundation of trust. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a respected, creditable, and valued resource. MCC aims to recruit staff with personal knowledge of the communities we serve. Building strong relationships centered on trust is grounded in our core values of integrity, inclusion, empowerment, innovation, and achievement.

Support Families in Making their Own Choices

We believe that the individuals most impacted by a problem hold the solution. We support families in recognizing their strengths and developing health, development, and well-being goals that they set for themselves and their babies. MCC staff provide culturally responsive and trauma-informed services focused on providing resources parents need while helping them to identify and meet their goals and build healthy relationships with their children.


We leverage resources and partnerships to advocate for community needs and critical supports at systemic levels. We engage our clients and other community leaders, beyond advice and feedback, for actionable insight and decisive action. This includes bringing together stakeholders with a vested interest in issues of pregnancy, birthing, parenting, and children 0-3 and representing our clients in collective actions which combat institutional racism and structural inequity.

Thought Leadership

Our research contributes to the knowledge base and literature on pregnancy and parenting, and we advise on critical issues that turn thought into action.
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Meet Diego

Being a father “ not just a name, being a father is a responsibility…you are creating the future.” 

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MontcoMamas Initiative

Maternity Care Coalition is proud to lead this groundbreaking initiative, which aims to eliminate the inequities surrounding race and infant mortality and support healthy births for Black women, Black birthing people, and Black families in Montgomery County.