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What We Do

We center babies and their families by supporting, referring, educating, researching, and advocating. Our approach is radically family-centered and collaborative. We believe our families are the experts of their own experience and support them in recognizing their strengths and accomplishing their goals. At all levels of our work, we nurture respectful relationships, promote self-determination, and ensure diverse voices are heard.

How We Support

To achieve a more equitable and just future, we work at the family, community, and policy level, each mutually supporting.


We support families to recognize their strengths and develop self-determined health, development, and well-being goals for themselves and their babies.


Through strategic partnerships, we connect families to key resources and services that address the social determinants of health.


We advocate for policy and legislative change to address the systemic causes of racial and social inequities.
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Advocating for Better Policies and Programs

Our Policy and Advocacy team relies on staff that works directly with families to inform its agenda because we believe the individuals most impacted by a problem hold the solution. It’s our responsibility to center the experience and expertise of the communities we serve as we promote policies and legislation.

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Supporting Parents, Families, and Communities

We implement a community-based prevention strategy to provide support and education to parents to adapt to changes and challenges that come with pregnancy and parenting.

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Participating in Research to Find Solutions

Our research deepens the knowledge base on issues related to maternal and child health, enabling us to continually improve our service delivery and raise awareness on critical racial and social inequities.

You Can Make a Difference

Explore opportunities to contribute to Maternity Care Coalition by either volunteering your time or discovering how your donation can impact our efforts in child and maternal health.