Montco Mamas

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You got this, Mama! 

Our Mission

Improve the health and well-being of Montgomery County-based Black and Brown birthing people, infants, and their families. 

We connect you to services that can provide: 

Non-clincial support during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum periods. 

Information about childbirth and infant care including feeding practices. 

One-on-one support for pregnant people, new parents, and their baby. 

Connections to peer support groups, safe spaces for community gatherings, and community resources. 

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Why did we start Montco Mamas? 

Black women have the highest rates of infant mortality of any racial group in the United States. Black babies in Montgomery County are 2.6x more likely to die than babies of white women. 

This collaboration between Maternity Care Coalition, the Montgomery County Maternal and Early Childhood Consortium seeks to change that, using data-driven community-action plans to improve outcomes for preganant Black women and their babies. 

Community. Education. Support. 

Goals: The Montco Mamas program will lay the groundwork for three initiatives: 

  1. Increase use of maternal and child health professionals as doulas, home visitors, and lactation consultants. 
  2. Provide education about reproductive health, behavioral health, overall health, and parenting that will give agency to Black women, Black birthing people and Black families. 
  3. Increase providers' understanding of Black women and Black birthing people's experiences.