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Partners and Sponsors

At Maternity Care Coalition (MCC), we foster impactful collaborations by creating partnerships with a wide range of agencies, health care providers, community-based partners, and corporations. These strategic alliances enable us to advance our mission and amplify our efforts. By bringing together our resources, expertise, and joint passion we can holistically address our families’ goals and strengthen the ability of institutions to meet the needs of parents and children in the communities we serve. 

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How Do We Partner?

In order to achieve a more equitable and just future, MCC works at the individual, community, and policy level. Our partnerships reflect this model and demonstrate our deep roots working alongside communities and decades of experience collaborating with institutions. 

Who Are Our Partners?

Individual, Families, and Community

We aim to partner with organizations whose services and programs complement our work by addressing the needs of the families and communities we serve.


We collaborate with local, state, and national organizations and institutions to improve outcomes for moms, birthing people, babies, and families.

Research and Evaluation

MCC collaborates in community-engaged studies, works with partner organizations to conduct assessments, serves on advisory boards, and collaborate with researchers to deepen our knowledge base and strengthen programs and services that serve our communities.
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Investing In Our Work

MCC partners with organizations who are interested in investing in our mission through philanthropic, volunteer, and in-kind support. 

  • Funding and Sponsorships - We receive philanthropic grants and donations from many organizations throughout the year. Annual sponsorship opportunities are also available. Please click here to learn more. 
  • Volunteers - We partner with organizations who are interested in providing volunteer opportunities for their employees while meeting the needs of our families. Click here to learn more about volunteering.
  • In-Kind - We collaborate with organizations in running in-kind drives throughout the year. Click here to learn more about what items we accept and how to get involved.   

Are you interested in learning more about how to partner with us?