Diego's Story

“...its not just a name, being a father is a responsibility…you are creating the future.”

MCC’s Fatherhood Initiative believes that each father and father-figure should be equipped with the knowledge and support they need to play a vital and equal role in their child's life.  

Since joining the program, Diego simply shared:  “...you can never know too much.” 

Diego is a father of three. His daughters, Rossibelle and Dannabelle, are 5 and 3, respectively, and he welcomed his son, Dominick this past August. Growing up, Deigo did not know his own father, and this shaped the way he parents. Diego stated that one of the biggest reasons he joined MCC’s Fatherhood Initiative is so he can be the best father possible to his children. 

He reflected that the benefits of the program were almost immediate. While his partner, Rosanna, was pregnant, Diego learned the advantages of reading and singing to babies while they are still in the womb. Diego fondly sang songs and read with Rosanna while she was pregnant. Now that Dominick is here, he knows Diego’s voice and the two of them share a special bond. 

Diego shared that of course, having a newborn isn’t always easy. Having someone from MCC to talk with about the hardships of welcoming a new baby, especially while he adjusts to nighttime wakeups again, is so meaningful to his parenting journey.  

Working with Constantino, MCC’s Male Engagement Specialist, Diego has felt more comfortable with each visit. He shared that this confidence as a father has soared since joining MCC. He appreciates being able to connect with someone more experienced, who has “been there.” Diego has found suggestions like singing to the children work for him, allowing him to find what parenting skills make sense for his family and what strengths he can personally bring forth to be what he always desired: the best father possible.  

Diego’s advice to new fathers is simple: love your kids. He encourages new fathers to invest time in their children and nurture their interests. In his words, being a father “...is not just a name, being a father is a responsibility…you are creating the future.”