Bibi's Story

"Being a mom is a hard job, but we can do it.”

For so many, the early days and years of being a parent do not come easily. This season of life can be fraught with challenges that lead parents to question themselves as caretakers. For Bibi, the parenting journey was filled with ups and downs. Looking for support and guidance, she discovered MCC.

When Bibi first found MCC, her husband was living in their home country of Pakistan and their daughter Manha, now five, was just an infant. MCC provided Bibi with a crib and diapers, the essentials she neededat the time, but looking back, Bibi knows she could have benefited from emotional support as well.

Years later, when she became pregnant with her son Zaviyar, she immediately thought of MCC. This time she, was connected to an MCC Advocate, an individual staff member whose goal was to support her parenting journey.

Although nervous to welcome someone new into her home, Bibi was thankful she quickly felt comfortable with her Advocate. In the early months of battling sleepless nights and navigating life with two young children, she often felt she couldn’t handle being a mom. During those hard times, her Advocate listened and provided her with the guidance she needed to increase her confidence. Her Advocate reminded her that she truly is the best mother for her children and gave her the tools to make her own decisions as a parent.

Today, in addition to working with her Advocate, Bibi participates in MCC’s virtual parenting group, furthering her knowledge of child development and surrounding her with a community of support. Perhaps most importantly, the group reminds her that moms need to take care of themselves, too.

“I give time to [my kids], then I give time to myself, too," she says. "Being a mom is a hard job, but we can do it.”