Dear Interns, You Matter

Leaf enjoying her time at the 2024 Celebrating Mothers Brunch
At Maternity Care Coalition (MCC), we strive to make our internships fun, productive, and impactful. Just ask Leaf.

The formula for a successful internship is simple: Confidence + Humility + Teamwork = Sustainable Success.  

Former MCC intern, Leaf Ye, recently received the 2024 Leadership Practicum Prize Award through the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). In one example of MCC’s diverse internship opportunities, we partner with the UPenn’s Nonprofit Leadership program, and we were so happy that through this program Leaf chose to work with MCC! 

Why intern or volunteer at MCC? 

MCC’s volunteer and internship program enriches those who are passionate about driving better maternal, child and reproductive health outcomes. MCC helps interns make the most out of their internship by playing to their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses; we prepare interns and volunteers to do impactful work inside and outside of the workplace.  

When asked why she wanted to intern at MCC, Leaf expressed her passion and interest in the mission. “I am a big supporter and advocate for reproductive health and rights. Throughout my academic and professional careers, I was able to get involved with the topic on multiple levels, including birth control and abortion advocacy, sex education and access, sexuality rights. However, I was unable to practice another big component of reproductive rights which is maternal health and early childhood health. I was grateful that MCC provided the opportunity to get my hands on an aspect of reproductive rights that I haven’t been familiar with before.” 


Whether a volunteer, intern, or staff member, MCC team members work together toward an equitable future where our communities are thriving, and our efforts remain sustainable. It takes a village to raise a child and a community to nurture and foster that child’s foundation. Every role matters at MCC. 

What Leaf Learned and Achieved at MCC 

  • Individual Donor Research 

Leaf managed a pipeline of more than 350 individual donors (and families), created fuller donor profiles, and updated biographic information. The information gathered during this research assists the Development team in assessing donor capacity and inclination, allowing them to foster deeper connections.  


  • Corporate Donor Research 

Managing a pipeline of 100 corporate donors, Leaf updated company profiles and contacts, grant making and sponsorship opportunities, documented their Corporate Social Responsibility/Philanthropy initiatives and programs, and assessed their alignment with MCC mission and inclination to donate. This helps the Development team to develop an effective corporate fundraising strategy. Leaf also advised the Development team to focus more on cultivating relationships with corporate donors that have aligned mission and strategic goals as MCC, and groups that have robust philanthropy plans. 


  • Tools Research 

Leaf compared 11 fundraising platforms on how they fit MCC's fundraising needs. Leaf recommended three potential tools to the Development team. The procurement of the prospect research tool will help streamline prospecting and leverage more data points to build capabilities.  



Additionally, Leaf volunteered her time at the 2024 Celebrating Mothers Brunch, contributing to the success of the annual fundraising event.

“Overall, I learned a lot about the relational nature of fundraising. Sitting in development and grants team meetings and observing how the team discuss and delegate fundraising opportunities, I was able to see what a day in the life of a fundraiser looks like. My mentor transition from Samantha to Candy also showed me the importance of work planning and tackling foreseeable challenges ahead of time.” 

Samantha Harclerode, VP of Advancement and External Affairs added, “Leaf was a fantastic partner in our work. She came prepared, eager to learn, full of thoughtful questions, and shared her ideas to help make our work more impactful. She left a true mark on how the Development team approaches some of their work and I know the team is eager to continue what Leaf started.  We wish her the best of luck in future endeavors. She will be missed”.  

At MCC, our interns and volunteers’ valuable contributions to the mission never go unnoticed. If you are ready to make an impact as a volunteer or intern, visit  

Remember, you can be the next Leaf Ye. 

Congratulations Leaf, on your well-deserved achievement!