You, Me, Kindness, and Equality! ¡ Tú, Yo, La Amabildad y la Igualdad!

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By Nahjee Grant for our youngest readers ages 0-3, $12 with shipping included.

Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) has officially released our first-ever children’s book, You, Me, Kindness, and Equality! / ¡Tú, yo, la amabilidad y la igualdad!

Travel through Philadelphia with Lizzy and Grandpa Joe in You, Me, Kindness, and Equality!, a board book that promotes diversity, community, equality, and kindness among the next generation. 

Beautiful illustrations and engaging text promote critical conversations between the youngest readers and the grown-ups in their lives. You, Me, Kindness, and Equality! shows the importance of how spreading kindness can make a positive impact, and help to shape a community. 

With a long history of serving children ages 0-3, MCC aims to promote literacy at the earliest stages of life, help parents build bonds with their children, and elevate cultural awareness. Since MCC’s work started, it’s been centered on the health and wellbeing of babies and their families and promoting and advocating for racial equity.  

All proceeds from the sales of the book go directly towards MCC’s services. Along with books being made available to the public, MCC has been distributing a copy to every client family. This project has been made possible by generous donors and supporters, including PNC Grow Up Great. 

*A limited number of copied are being sold. Available for order while supplies last. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your order.



  • Let your child hold and explore the book.
  • Let your child mouth the book as long as they are safe with an adult.
  • Talk about how the characters in the book are feeling.
  • Talk about what your child is looking at on the page.
  • Snuggle up with your child and the book.
  • Be silly and read the story in a fun voice.
  • Use the pictures to make up a new story.
  • Sing or act out the story.
  • Try reading in new places like on the bus.
  • Make connections between the story and real life.
  • Go for a walk and help your child look for things they see in the book.