MOMobile Classic

MOMobile is a community-based home visiting program that provides free support and education to help families with the changes and challenges that come with pregnancy and parenting. As MCC’s signature home visiting program, MOMobile has assisted families across Southeastern Pennsylvania for more than 25 years. The program’s goals include reducing infant mortality and improving maternal and child health. MOMobile’s staff members, called Advocates, are highly-trained to provide critical support to pregnant women, new parents and families with children ages 0-3.

MOMobile Advocates:

  • Reach pregnant and newly parenting women and their families in their communities
  • Provide support to clients through home visits, telephone contacts and office visits
  • Promote excellent child health through education, referrals to community resources and follow-up services
  • Assist caregivers in establishing strong relationships with their children
  • Address the physical and mental health needs of families
  • Provide breastfeeding support, planning, and lactation counseling
  • Connect families to healthcare, public benefits and social service programs
  • Provide access to emergency supplies such as food, clothing, cribs, diapers and formula

MOMobile has several specialized programs that provide additional services to meet the specific needs of targeted groups.

MOMobile® Safe Start

Maternal mortality rates have been falling around the globe, but the maternal mortality rate in the U.S. has doubled since 1990. Today there are women in this country who are arriving to pregnancy sicker and with chronic health conditions that require a higher level of care. Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) is working to address a maternal mortality rate in Philadelphia that is significantly higher than the national average. MOMobile Safe Start supports pregnant women with chronic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, mental health diagnoses, substance abuse and/or intimate partner violence to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery for mom and baby. Program participants are all patients at the Helen O. Dickens Center for Women’s Health at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP).

MOMobile Safe Start Advocates:

  • Provide MOMobile services
  • Put emphasis on helping patients navigate the complexities of high risk, hospital-based prenatal care
  • Help women learn how to manage their own health
  • Are trained doulas, providing labor and breastfeeding support


MOMobile Safe Start is a partnership between MCC, HUP, the Penn Center for Community Health Workers, Keystone First and Community Behavioral Health. Together, we are working to address system challenges and improve health outcomes for chronically ill pregnant women through comprehensive and integrated medical care.

The MOMobile Safe Start program is supported by funding from Merck, through  Merck for Mothers the company’s 10-year, $500 million initiative to help create a world where no woman dies giving life. Merck for Mothers is known as MSD for Mothers outside the United States and Canada.

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MOMobile® Healthy Start

Philadelphia’s infant mortality rate is 75% higher than the national average. More than twice as many African American babies will die before the age of one compared to their white counterparts.  MOMobile Healthy Start supports pregnant women and families with children under the age of two with a wide range of health and social services to reduce infant mortality and poor birth outcomes. In addition to the MOMobile program components, Healthy Start Advocates facilitate parent-child activities to promote optimal child development, screen for developmental delays and ensure connections to early intervention programs as needed. Healthy Start Advocates provide Nurturing Parenting classes, breastfeeding peer support groups and fatherhood involvement activities.

“The Healthy Start program is helping me with so many different resources. The staff at MCC are very supportive and very caring. They also give me motivation to do better for me and my kids.”

With locations in North and Northeast Philadelphia, MOMobile Healthy Start promotes positive health choices, supports healthy child development and improves the overall health and well-being of the families we serve.  Pregnant women and new moms are eligible for services if they live in any of the following zip codes: 19012, 19027, 19111, 19121, 19122, 19125, 19129, 19132, 19133, 19134, 19135, 19136, 19137, 19149, and 19152

MOMobile Healthy Start Fatherhood Initiative Program

Maternity Care Coalition is happy to announce the MOMobile Healthy Start Fatherhood Initiative. The Fatherhood Initiative program provides case management, parenting groups, and life skills workshops on topics such as co-parenting, child development, communication, conflict resolution, workforce development, and job skills for fathers, male partners, and other father figures. Fathers and father figures are eligible for services if their child is under 18 months old and if they live in any of the following zip codes: 19012, 19027, 19111, 19121, 19122, 19125, 19129, 19132, 19133, 19134, 19135, 19136, 19137, 19149, and 19152

To refer someone or register for the Fatherhood Initiative Program, please fill out this form.

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North Philadelphia Location

  • Serving zip codes: 19121, 19129, 19132, 19133
  • 3401 I Street, Suite 408, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Northeast Philadelphia Location

  • Serving zip codes: 19122, 19125, 19134, 19137
  • 841 E Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124

MOMobile® Healthy Families America

Healthy Families America (HFA) is an evidence-based child abuse prevention program that works with pregnant women and families with children ages 0-3. The MOMobile HFA program strengthens families, promotes positive parenting practices and encourages early learning. Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs. We believe every parent should have access to the information and resources they need to ensure a healthy future for their baby. In addition to the MOMobile program components, HFA Advocates facilitate parent-child activities to promote optimal child development, screen for developmental delays and ensure connections to early intervention programs. HFA Advocates provide Nurturing Parenting classes, breastfeeding peer support groups, and fatherhood involvement activities.

“There are no words to describe the feeling, but having somebody—no, having an entire program full of encouragement—makes everything about being a parent easier.”

MCC’s MOMobile HFA program is designed to:

  • Improve parent-child interaction and school readiness
  • Reduce child maltreatment
  • Increase access to primary care and medical services
  • Increase parental understanding of children’s developmental milestones and needs

MOMobile HFA services for pregnant women and new moms are provided in Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks Counties.

Delaware County

  • 7200 Chestnut Street, Suite 101, Upper Darby, PA 19082
  • 610-713-0570

Philadelphia County

  • 3401 I Street, Suite 408, Philadelphia, PA 19134
  • 267-773-5130

Montgomery County

  • 2506 N. Broad Street, Suite 204, Colmar, PA 18915
  • 484-680-7611

Bucks County

  • 204 N. West, Suite 101, Doylestown, PA 18901
  • 215-709-0461

MOMobile® Managed Care

Infant mortality and poor birth outcomes (such as prematurity and low birth weight) continue to be major problems in Philadelphia. There are alarming differences between women of different racial, social and economic backgrounds. The MOMobile Managed Care program works with two Philadelphia-based Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to improve birth outcomes and reduce the rate of pregnancy-related complications. The program provides different levels of support to moderate and high-risk pregnant women to ensure early and consistent prenatal care, promote positive health behavior and coordinate access to needed health and social services.

“This program was a blessing to me. My Advocate was a great help and asset to me and my family.”

“I wish I could stay with the program for a very long time. I enjoyed working with you. Thanks for being there for me when I had no one.”

MOMobile® at Riverside

The most recent report from the Vera Institute of Justice (2016) concluded that  80% of women in prisons are single mothers. Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) has provided services to pregnant women and mothers of infants at the Riverside Correctional Facility (RCF) since November 2006. MOMobile Advocates partner with women during their incarceration to prepare them for or help them return to motherhood. Staff members assist each woman in the program with her re-entry and connection to family and community when she is released.

The MOMobile at Riverside offers a variety of services to women incarcerated at RCF, including

  • Group education and peer support
  • Case management during incarceration and home visits upon release (for up to one year)
  • Doula services for women who deliver a baby while they are incarcerated
  • Assistance for the caregivers of children whose incarcerated mothers are enrolled in the MOMobile program

This full range of services allows us to help women stay connected to their children during incarceration and best prepare them for reunification after they are released.

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MOMobile® Healthy Babies

The Healthy Babies program provides Advocates to work with babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Lower Bucks Counties and in select areas in Delaware County (i.e. Yeadon and Upper Darby) through the baby’s first year of life. The Advocates also work with the pregnant and postpartum women dependent on opioids and/or with other caregivers (which may be a relative or foster parent) of the baby. The program provides assessments, support and resources to baby, mother and/or caregiver(s) to build a healthy foundation for the family.

MCC collaborates with obstetrics clinics, recovery programs, and NICU’s that have a high volume of NAS births in the above stated geographical area to establish a referral process for Keystone First Health Plan (KFHP) members and newborns. MCC Advocates will support clients with their health and behavioral health care needs and help address barriers to care.

Healthy Babies is a voluntary service for women and families who have Keystone First (Medicaid) insurance. Women can decline and/or discontinue the service at any time.

The MOMobile Healthy Babies Program is designed to:

  • Support with health and wellness for infants who were exposed to substances during pregnancy
  • One on one support for pregnant women, new moms, their baby and other caregivers
  • Resources for baby and other children such as clothing & diapers
  • Case management to help with housing, medical benefits or other needs for up to a year
  • Visits conveniently scheduled at home, in the community or the NICU/hospital

MOMobile® Family Therapy Program

Low-income women, especially minority women, have disproportionately high rates of perinatal depression and other behavioral health concerns that impact their long-term emotional and physical health and that of their children. Research shows that follow-through with behavioral health treatment for this population is very poor, even when services are available in the community.

MCC addresses this issue with our MOMobile Family Therapy Program (MFT). MFT provides behavioral health treatment to low-income pregnant women and mothers with young children (ages 0 to 3) in the Philadelphia area in conjunction with home visiting. The program identifies and treats issues of perinatal depression and/or other behavioral health conditions such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, and co-occurring substance dependence, which impact the ability to parent effectively.

Our home visiting staff provide the referral and a warm and seamless handoff—and will even attend an initial joint session to help build trust. This unique model increases utilization of critical behavioral health services for pregnant women and new mothers by having a familiar and trusted person facilitate the introduction of therapy services and bring the clinician right to her doorstep.

The MOMobile Family Therapy Program Offers a Variety of Services to:

  • We provide in-home therapy for clients experiencing symptoms of perinatal depression, as well as other behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, stress and substance use.
  • We provide an opportunity for clients to discuss concerns related to themselves and their family with a trained professional and while honoring their privacy and confidentiality.
  • We meet with clients to determine their concerns, needs, and goals and help them develop an individualized treatment plan.
  • We provide support for the entire family, either as a group or individually, depending on the situation and the client’s preference.
  • We help facilitate referrals to other agencies for concerns that are not within our scope of services.

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