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Originally posted on November 24, 2020

This year we have had our fair share of challenges. From experiencing political unrest to racial divide, and a global pandemic, we made sure we were there for families and our community at every turn.

Two weeks after Maternity Care Coalition’s (MCC) annual Celebrating Mothers Brunch, we closed our offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We immediately began serving our families through virtual home visiting services, providing crucial emotional support and supplies families urgently needed.

“Our team began virtual visits within 24 hours of working from home. It was hard at the beginning, but our clients saw they had a support system that never stopped, that said to them, ‘We’re not going to forget about you,’” said Rosa Suero, MCC Norristown Advocate.

In our 2020 Annual Report, we captured our MCC family: Advocates and Teachers behind the screens of virtual home visits, policy supporters and ambassadors, program directors, and the clients we serve.

2020 Annual Report

Advocates in Action 

Our work could not be completed without the help of our Advocates and Teachers who work day in and day out to meet families’ needs. Take our Advocate Angie for example. Angie became an MCC Advocate four years ago, bringing her devotion to helping families and her desire to see change in her community. Today, she works with 18 clients to ensure they feel supported every step of the way. “My experience as an Advocate during COVID-19 showed me that families need our support now more than ever,” said Angie.

Advocates are a source of encouragement, expertise, and enthusiasm. They help each family achieve overarching goals like literacy habits, family health, and financial stability.

Read Angie’s full story in MCC’s 2020 Annual Report.

Be A Part of the Support System That Never Stops 

Since the beginning of this year, we have provided thousands of supplies and even more hours of virtual support to our client families. With the help of our donors, we will be able to continue to provide these vital services to families.

Your gift – of any amount – will help us in our work to support families in Southeastern Pennsylvania at every turn.

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