Rep. Daley is Breastfeeding Friendly

With our help, many employers have created breastfeeding friendly work environments. We are pleased to announce that Rep Mary Jo Daley (148th District) is our newest certified Breastfeeding Friendly Employer. We recently interviewed State Rep. Daley about her decision to join this important initiative.

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MCC Congratulates Tom Wolf

For 35 years, MCC has dedicated itself to improving maternal and child health and wellbeing through the collaborative efforts of individuals, families, providers and communities. We focus our efforts on neighborhoods with high rates of poverty, infant mortality, health disparities, and changing immigration patterns. We submit the following call to action to Governor-elect Tom Wolf

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Philadelphia birthing hospitals stopped giving out free formula samples to new mothers at discharge

Research shows that mothers who receive infant formula samples have a shorter exclusive breastfeeding duration and are less likely to breastfeed exclusively. With the city-wide removal of discharge bags with free formula samples, the hospitals make a joint statement that marketing practices that undermine successful breastfeeding and negatively affect the health of vulnerable women and children have no place in healthcare settings.

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  • September 21, 2012

MCC Wins Good Governance

The Good Governance Award was established by the Foundation’s Board of Managers in recognition of former Chair H. Craig Lewis’ 10-year leadership of The Philadelphia Foundation board. This award is presented to nonprofits in the region whose Board exemplifies the finest traits in leadership of a nonprofit organization including governance, fiduciary responsibility and strategic thinking.

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