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Originally posted on March 25, 2020

Welcome to Maternity Care Coalition’s Little Piece of My Art Gallery, a place for families to share their Little Artists’ masterpieces as a way to spread love and joy during this time. Scroll down to learn how to submit your own artist’s masterpiece, or click here to support MCC’s Little Piece of My Art campaign.


To Create and Submit Your Little Artist’s Masterpiece:

  1. Set your little one(s) up with their favorite art supplies and a piece of paper. Whatever you have on hand is fine, but a standard 8.5 x 11-inch page would be great.
  2. Pose a prompt similar to the ones below. Keeping it age-appropriate always helps.
    ⦁ Mini-artists: Give them the supplies and simply watch the magic happen.
    ⦁ Little artists: Draw something for Mommy.
    ⦁ Mid-sized artists: Draw something that would make Mom feel good.
  3. Depending on their age, talk to your artist about how artwork makes other people smile. Ask them if it is okay that you share their masterpiece with your friends. If you and your artist agree that it’s okay, send a picture of the artwork to [email protected]. You can choose to share your child’s name and age if you’d like.
  4. Hang up their masterpiece – it’ll keep you smiling, too!

Here are some tips for taking photos of artwork with a smartphone:

  • Place the artwork on a flat surface.
  • Hold your phone directly above the artwork, making sure there are no shadows over the image.
  • Try to get the entire piece of artwork in the camera frame, (like the example above). For more detailed tips, see this video from SketchBook Skool.

Your children’s art (or your friends’ children’s art) will be featured on MCC’s social media pages and in a special Mother’s Day collage. We’ll even pick a handful of extra special pieces to use as the eCards in our fundraising campaign.