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Originally posted on October 23, 2020


The holidays are approaching, and with that normally comes Maternity Care Coalition’s (MCC) annual Family Gift Connection – a time when donors and supporters alike come together to support families during the holiday season. COVID-19 has caused us to all adapt to the new norm in different ways, and unfortunately, due to the amount of in-person contact the program requires – Family Gift Connection will look a little different this year.   

Although this will not be a traditional Family Gift Connection, MCC will continue to do everything in our power to support clients and their families. With that, we are asking for your help.  

If you find yourself wanting to make an impact on clients and their families, there are other ways you could take action 

Consider Making a Donation



Little Piece of My Art Campaign

Send an e-card to your loved ones and friends to bring a little joy into their lives. Click here to learn more about the Little Piece of My Art Campaign and to send your eCard(s) today.