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Originally posted on October 7, 2021

The Baby Bureau was founded 11 years ago by Fran Wasserman. Fran saw a need to help underserved babies in the community by providing an essential item – clothing. Starting with just a stack of donated clothing items, and a goal to clothe as many babies as possible, The Baby Bureau offered baby bundles that included apparel, hats, bibs, and blankets. In 2012, the non-profit organization moved to the Warminster campus of Abington Hospital, a much larger space, that allowed for more volunteers to assist including high school students, community members, and adults with special needs. Since their first baby bundle delivery in 2012, The Baby Bureau has dressed over 6 thousand babies.

The Baby Bureau partners with a network of over 40 health and human services providers who proudly distribute their baby bundles to families in need. Most recently, they partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania to donate onesies and sleepers to Afghan refugees.

Over the past few years, the Baby Bureau has been an invaluable resource for Maternity Care Coalition clients. The Baby Bureau supports families across multiple counties in Pennsylvania, and has become a resource for those who need it most.

To learn more about The Baby Bureau and how you can donate or volunteer, please visit their website, or contact Fran Wasserman at [email protected].

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