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Originally posted on June 25, 2021

A story of great tragedy turned into a heartwarming tale of kindness and generosity in the midst of heartbreak. Chemeek and Michael Lumb started the Sabriyah M. Lumb Foundation in March 2021 to honor their late daughter Sabriyah who tragically passed away in October while pregnant with her first child. The third out of four Lumb children, Sabriyah is remembered for her nurturing spirit and loving nature. When discussing the choice to donate baby items in her honor, Chemeek said “Sabriyah would want to do this.”

To celebrate Sabriyah’s birthday on March 26th, the foundation hosted a birthday party where guests brought brand new baby items including diapers, wipes, clothing and more to donate to families in need. As a Community Health Navigator, Chemeek was familiar with organizations within the area that provide resources for families. She came across Maternity Care Coalition some time ago and decided it was the right place for the Sabriyah M. Lumb Foundation to donate their gifts. When asked why she chose MCC Chemeek said, “MCC has been around for a number of years and I wanted to be sure the goods are actually going to mothers and children that are in need.” Looking ahead, The Sabriyah M. Lumb foundation will continue to donate to families in need. Each year on Sabriyah’s birthday they will host an event to collect baby items to donate in honor of their late daughter and grandchild.

Affectionately known by family and friends as Bri, Sabriyah had a passion for life and wanted to give back. She had natural motherly instincts and was looking forward to becoming a mom. At just 19-years-old Sabriyah was determined, goal-oriented, and wanted to be the best at whatever she put her hands on. Planning to one day work with special needs children, Sabriyah loved people and people loved her.