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Originally posted on April 13, 2021

Philadelphia-based influencer Coral Rosado also known by her social media moniker @Curlswithcoral is known for her luscious voluminous curls and fierce dedication to motherhood. The Puerto-Rican-born content creator is married with a one-year-old daughter named Amelia and is expecting her second child- a boy- in May. Some of Coral’s online content includes hair advice on how to achieve her glorious mane and maternity clothing hauls modeling fashionable clothing for pregnant women.

So, it was no surprise when retail company Motherhood Maternity decided to highlight Coral on their Bean to Babe Blog and partner with her to support an organization, she is passionate about – Maternity Care Coalition. “Motherhood is kind of tough in itself, and those first few years after you have a kid, it’s important to have a support system,” said Coral. In the month of March, Motherhood Maternity donated $2 to MCC for every Mama Charity T-shirt sold. Raising over 5,000 dollars and exceeding the initial fundraising goal by over $1,000 dollars.

Thanks to Motherhood Maternity for organizing the collaboration, Maternity Care Coalition’s Program Associate, Community Doula & Breastfeeding Programs, Tekara Gainey, had a live discussion via Instagram with Coral, on April 6, 2021. The discussion touched on many important topics like self-care while pregnant and during postpartum, postpartum challenges, and “answered what is a doula?”.

We are grateful to be recognized by such an impactful organization that shares our mission of supporting and advocating for pregnant women. Thank you to Coral Rosado and Motherhood Maternity for their support of MCC and mothers in need! Follow Coral: @Curlswithcoral and Motherhood Maternity: @MotherhoodMaternity.