March 2, 2016

LaTonja’s Story

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“I have a daughter, Kyleigh, who is 2 years old. Kyleigh enrolled in Early Head Start last September, Kyleigh has some special needs and I figured her being around typical kids in that setting would prompt her to do some of the things that they do.


Before Kyleigh went to EHS she didn’t play with other kids, but when she got used to the center she started to verbalize, to manipulate the toys and I can see the want in her to do the things that other kids are doing and it helps her a whole lot.Kyleigh-and-LaTonja-framed

They have helped us out so much, in a lot of different ways from helping us to get better housing, helping Kyleigh to become a part of the everyday life of the center to giving us a space for her five therapists to come and see her in that environment.

And Kyleigh isn’t the only person who has learned from EHS. I’ve learned some things about child care and what direction I want to take my life in. I’d love to work with more children like Kyleigh as my profession.I was invited to join the EHS Policy Council, which is like being the ear of the other parents.”


You can watch a video of LaTonja telling her EHS story here:

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