Family Gift Connection

Brighten the holidays for an MCC family!
November 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022
Each holiday season, with support from generous donations from the Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) community, Family Gift Connection provides families and children enrolled in MCC’s programs with essential physical items. This year, our Programs Staff, who work closely with MCC families every day, identified five high-need items, which can be found on MCC’s Wish List. 

To participate: 

  • Visit MCC’s Wish List to see all the items that are being collected for Family Gift Connection. 
  • Select the items that you would like to purchase. 
  • Check out and purchase the items.  
  • Email [email protected] to let us know which items you purchased so that we can thank you for your support!  

Once you are finished, the items will be shipped directly to the MCC office and put into bundles to distribute to families. 

Visit MCC’s Wish List now to get started.  

Thank you for supporting families in Southeastern Pennsylvania!  

Shop Our Wish List

Other ways to get involved:

Family Gift Connection could not be successful without your support! To organize a Family Gift Connection drive in your community, contact the MCC team at [email protected].