Provider Referrals

We appreciate your support and interest in our program.

Please read through the following items before you make a referral:

The goal of the Cribs for Kids program is to reduce the risk of SIDS and sleep injury by providing safe sleep education and a safe sleep environment for families with the greatest need in the Philadelphia area. We are relying on the referral provider to complete the screening process and assess clients’ needs as they relate to the Cribs for Kids program. Therefore, along with determining your client’s eligibility for the program, please also determine if they truly need and want a safe sleep environment for their child.

Referral forms must be completed fully, accurately, and legibly. We ask that you please take the time to fill out the referral form completely with your client, making sure to include all information requested.

Please keep eligibility requirements in mind. Clients must be within 8 weeks of their due date or have an infant that is younger than six months in order to be eligible for the program. In addition, clients are eligible if:

  • They receive some type of public benefit
  • No one in the home is working
  • They can demonstrate that they otherwise are unable to afford a crib
  • They do not already have a safe crib or Pack ‘n Play
  • They are in permanent housing in Philadelphia

If your client is involved with DHS, the client will need prior approval from DHS (we will facilitate this for you).

Most clients will be required to attend a community workshop in order to receive their Pack ‘n Play and will need to provide photo ID and proof of benefits.

We are not an emergency service. Please keep in mind that your client may not be able to receive his or her crib immediately after we receive the referral. Because we have a waiting list, and lead four workshops per month, it can take several weeks for a client to receive their Pack ‘n Play.

If you believe your client qualifies, you can complete the prenatal (for pregnant women) or postpartum (for new parents) referral form.  If you have further questions, please call (215) 989-3589 and press 1 or send us an email.