Angela’s Story

“My daughter Katelynn has grown since entering Early Head Start (EHS). We started EHS when I was pregnant, in 2010. From the start, our Advocate (home visitor) provided healthy tips to keep her growing strong. When she was born, our Advocate worked on setting and helping us to achieve goals from the beginning. Katelynn not only achieved her goals, she has shattered records.

Angela (2)Katelynn’s plan started with interests. She showed an interest in books, so we read to her daily. She showed interest in bugs (yuk!) so our Advocate incorporated science into our plan. By the age of three she knows that she want to work at the zoo when she grows up!  Angela and Katie framed

We had a concern with Katelynn’s legs as I am physically disabled and she exhibited some signs of delays with walking. EHS brought an early intervention team to assess her. They determined that she was fine but may need a little extra help with that area of development. Today she runs and jumps with the other kids like a pro.

Katelynn has a vocabulary of a five year old. She is smart, funny, and can complete full sentences and describe clearly and concisely what she is saying. Katelynn is working on mastering her ABC’s and has counting to ten down pretty good.

My husband and I take over where our advocate leaves off. Exercising your child’s minds should be a team effort, the more you work with the Advocate the more she teaches the parent about how to continue the enrichment of your child and learning. Thank you EHS.”

You can watch a video of Angela telling her EHS story here:

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