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The Cribs for Kids program provides safe sleep education and a portable crib to families in need in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Since 2004, the Cribs for Kids program at Maternity Care Coalition has distributed over 20,000 cribs and in the last year alone provided over 3,000 individuals with safe sleep education. Despite this success, we have only been able to scratch the surface of the families in need of safe sleep education and a crib.  We are raising funds to buy cribs for families in need.  Please consider making a donation to purchase a crib and provide safe sleep education.

To learn more about creating a safe place for a baby to sleep, check out our pages on Safe Sleep and SIDS.

We’ve educated hundreds of professionals in the community, including nurses, social workers, medical case managers, and child care providers.  We can educate your staff too.  If you are interested in having someone from our team come and provide education to your staff, please call the Cribs for Kids hotline (215) 989-3589 and press 1 or e-mail us here.

Receiving services through Cribs for Kids

If you or someone you know needs a safe place for their baby to sleep, you can contact the Cribs for Kids team.  If you are early in your pregnancy, please consider reading through our budgeting guide for tips on how to save for a crib.

If you are a social service provider and want to refer a client to our program, click here.

The Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) has partnered with Maternity Care Coalition’s Cribs for Kids program to provide cribs in the Philadelphia area.  If you are within 8 weeks of your due date or if you have recently delivered your baby, you can complete the Online Submission Form or you can call our hotline at (215) 989-3589, press 3 and leave all of the requested information.  Please speak slowly and clearly on the voicemail message.  It usually takes us about a month to call back and then we will assess your eligibility.  If you are eligible for our program, we will schedule you to receive a pack ‘n play at a community workshop.