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We provide leadership for maternal & child health care and early learning to educate, organize and improve:


Access to Care

Maternity Care Coalition performs original ‘secret shopper’ research to monitor waiting times for prenatal care and publishes reports on prenatal care and obstetrical capacity in the region. To learn more about our work and recent findings, click here.

Early Childhood Education

Emerging research indicates that the earliest years are crucial for children’s physical, social, and emotional development. Maternity Care Coalition advocates on behalf of families who benefit from early care and education, as well as providers of those services. Learn more about early learning in Pennsylvania here.

Do you have ideas about how to improve access to enrollment in early learning services for families in your community? Tell us your thoughts by filling out a brief community survey here.

Health Care Reform

When it comes to federal health care reform, Maternity Care Coalition represents the needs of women and infants. To learn more about how you, your family, or your baby are affected by the health care law, click here.


Did you know that pregnancy can be considered a pre-existing condition? Did you know that insurance plans in Pennsylvania do not need to cover maternity? To learn more about barriers to insurance for women and our “Insuring Motherhood” campaign, click here.

Maternal Mental Health

Through pioneering research, Maternity Care Coalition works hard to identify barriers and support systemic change to improve the delivery of maternal mental health care services to low income women in Philadelphia. To learn more about our recent work in Philadelphia, click here.