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About Us

Founded in 1980, Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) is a nonprofit organization with the mission to improve maternal and child health and wellbeing through the collaborative efforts of individuals, families, providers and communities. Our comprehensive approach includes research, public policy initiatives and services for families.

MCC has assisted more than 100,000 families throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania since its founding, focusing particularly on neighborhoods with high rates of poverty, infant mortality, health disparities, and changing immigration patterns. The MOMobile® provides community-based home visiting services; Cribs for Kids educates families on safe sleep and gives a crib to families who cannot afford one. As Pennsylvania’s largest Early Head Start provider, we deliver comprehensive home-based and center-based early childhood and parenting programs.

MCC’s research deepens the knowledge base on issues related to maternal and child health, enabling us to continually improve our service delivery with more evidence-based interventions.  This enhanced understanding also extends to the greater community, including other researchers and service providers, and equips MCC to educate and inform policymakers at all levels in order to improve outcomes for childbearing families.

Vision Statement
Maternity Care Coalition envisions a future in which all families receive solid support throughout the critical period of pregnancy through age three in a manner that enables lifelong health and wellbeing.

As a result, all families and individuals are healthy, connected, and economically self-sufficient and all children thrive and are ready to learn.